Which Factors are Considered for Smile Design?

Which Factors are Considered for Smile Design?

If you are worried about the perfect smile, you can relax now. With the help of cosmetic dentistry, you can easily create the perfect smile. Many people are highly concerned and more worried about their oral health. The main concern is their smile, and with custom smile designing, they can get the exact smile they want. However, creating the perfect smile required by the patients is not going to be easy because there are a lot of things that the dentist needs to handle. Read on to get more details related to smile design.

What is a smile design?

Before you learn what a smile design means you need to know the difference between a general and a cosmetic dentist. A general dentist focuses on fixing things while being an authoritarian. The patient gets the reassurance from the dentist about the treatment.

On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry is the exact opposite. He listens to the patient’s oral health goal and then offers it as precisely as needed. In cosmetic dentistry, the patient needs to be satisfied; if not, the treatment cannot be considered a success.

This is why when designing a patient’s smile; the dentist needs to focus on the smile design. There are different categories of smiles, such as sophisticated, sexy, and sporty smiles. These smiles have different styles and ways of approach, so the patient and dentist need to communicate to get the exact idea.

Prominent factors in smile design

Even though there are different styles of smiles, some of the prominent factors are common to all the smile design. Below are those prominent factors:

  • The shape of the face will be taken into consideration. A patient with a long face may require different adjustments, while a patient with excellent features may require some other adjustments. Different shapes of faces will need different ways to design a smile.
  • The desires of the patient. There will be different aspirations for different patients, so the dentist will inquire about it when creating the smile needed. If you are interested in mature and intelligent looks, you might consider a sophisticated smile. Or if you are interested in boldness and energetic looks, then you might like the sexy smile.
  • The age or the way the patient wants to portray him/her will be considered. If you opt for central incisors that are lengthy, then the age might appear less. In addition, white teeth will offer a younger look. Likewise, you can select the way you want to be seen.

The smile design will consider these factors, along with a cosmetic dentist. And then, the dentist will ask you to pick a smile from the ones they show. Sometimes your choice might not be right when considering the above factors, so if the dentist is honest, you will be asked to select a different smile design. However, the final say is yours, but make sure to consult the dentist when deciding. After all, it is your dream smile, so it should make you happy, not disappointed.