5 Reasons why Dental Crowns are the Ideal Option for You?

5 Reasons why Dental Crowns are the Ideal Option for You?

Many people with a flawed dental appearance look for ways to improve it. A perfect dental structure can do the world of good to one’s personality. Fortunately, there are many ways to provide aesthetic enhancement to a person’s teeth. One such treatment offered is the placement of dental crowns on damaged teeth. Crowns are caps that surround the damaged teeth from all sides, hiding them in the process. Crowns don’t require special care and can last for around 15 years.

Many patients are often confused whether they should go for crowns. Through this article we try to clarify the exact purpose of dental crowns. Here are the 5 instances when going for crowns could be the ideal option for you.

Discolored Teeth

Often due to their habits, many people have permanently discolored teeth. This issue hampers the “perfect smile” that people wish to have. Placing crowns over teeth with odd-colored teeth solves this issue. This is because crowns have the visual characteristics like natural teeth. This helps the attached crown blend in with the rest of the teeth and appear natural.

Decaying Teeth

The application of crowns is not just limited to aesthetic enhancement. They can also be used to cover decaying teeth. Crowns block off the access of bacteria to the central part of the tooth. The central portion contains the nerves and the soft tissue. Damage to this part can result in infection. Application of crowns to such teeth protects them from decaying further.

Those who’ve had dental fillings for their teeth might also need crowns. Sometimes, the natural tooth around the filling decays till there is very little of it left. In such cases there is no support left for the filling itself. To sustain the support to keep the filling in place, crowns can be attached to the decaying tooth around the filling.

Cracked Teeth

Crowns can also be applied if your teeth have been damaged as a result of an accident. Cracked teeth are prone to more damage with time. They might even break off if protective action is not taken. Crowns offer protection to fractured teeth by covering them. This way the natural tooth remains in its place, and an aesthetic look is maintained.

To Cover Dental Implants

Dental Implants involve surgically inserting titanium screws to fuse with the jawbone. After the prescribed healing period, a tooth-like structure is to be placed on the implant. The crowns can be chosen to be attached to the implants.

Multiple Dentist Visits not Possible

Sometimes due to their hectic schedules, people prefer being treated in one visit to the dentist. If you are looking for aesthetic improvement in one visit, crowns might be ideal for you. A special crown type, called “One-Visit Crown”, has been developed for such cases. Traditional crowns are prepared in labs, but this type can be prepared in the dentist’s office. By using Computer Assisted Drafting, a crown is prepared and attached in just one visit.