Getting Hollywood Smile in Turkey

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We all want that great-looking smile that TV stars have. Celebrities look glamorous, elegant and very aesthetic. But what can we do to have that Hollywood smile? There are many alternative dental treatments you can get to have a beautiful smile; from braces to crowns and even teeth whitening. But there is a one cosmetic procedure that can fix many problems in 1 to 2 sessions to get you Hollywood stars' level. That is porcelain veneers.

Hollywood Smile treatment can fix many flaws like worn teeth, yellowish and misaligned teeth. That’s why it’s the celebrities favorite option when it comes to dental cosmetics. If the crookedness is too deep the dentist might recommend using crowns. But in other cases, you can try with veneers.

How is Hollywood Smile Done?

Hollywood Smile is mostly done by using porcelain veneers. It consists of a thin layer of porcelain that the dentist places on the surface of the enamel of tooth. The process takes up to 2 sessions; in the first one, the doctor examines your teeth. We usually even use digital smile design so the dentist can create a cosmetic strategy for your new smile. Digital smile design looks like architectural visualisation in which people see in 3D animation how their house will look like before building them. After that, the dentist might take impressions of your teeth to create the porcelain laminate veneers. He sends the impressions to the laboratory so they can create the models. This takes at most 1 week, then the doctor might call you for your second appointment.

In the second visit, your doctor will proceed to apply the veneers. But, before doing that, he will clean the surface and trim part of the enamel. Dentists do this for two reasons:

  1. It’s to make room for the porcelain laminate veneers and
  2. to create a rough surface to set the porcelain veneers.

This ensures that the layer will stay in its position for a long time.

After the dentist does that, he will apply a special cement on the veneers to stick them together with the teeth. And then, he would only trim the excess, so the teeth look natural. This is an important step because the veneers must fit right in your mouth. After the application, the dentist might even ask you to make other appointments to make sure everything is working good.

How Much Does the Hollywood Smile Prices?

Like any other cosmetic treatment, Hollywood Smile might be a little expensive. The prices may vary from $700 to $1200 per tooth in most countries. Yet, you can always try our dental clinic in Turkey. The prices are 70% less than in other countries and the quality is top-notch. We have high quality equipment and the best dentists. All dentists are members of the Turkish Cosmetic Dental Association.

Hollywood Smile Costs with Porcelain Veneers

  • Hollywood Smile with Empress Porcelain Veneer - Staining €375
  • Hollywood Smile with Empress Porcelain Veneer - Layering €450
  • Hollywood Smile with Procera Porcelain Veneer €375

Pros of Getting a Hollywood Smile Treatment

There are many benefits that you can have with the Hollywood Smile treatment. But one of the most outstanding ones is having a perfect-looking smile. You can forget about stained teeth, crooked or worn teeth, and even misshapen teeth. And that last point is something that we only believed braces could do.

If you have been researching dental cosmetic treatments, you probably know that there are many types of them; there are crowns, lumineers, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers. The Hollywood Smile treatment uses porcelain veneers, which are very durable and stain-resistant.

Despite this is a permanent treatment, you will have to replace pieces from time to time. But we’re talking about 7 to 15 years until that moment comes, so you don’t have to worry about that now. And this makes the Hollywood Smile very attractive in comparison to the composite veneers.

Disadvantages of Hollywood Smile Treatment

There are a couple of things you should consider before getting your Hollywood Smile. Although, it is still one of the most used cosmetic treatments, because the benefits tend to be higher in comparison to the disadvantages.

Dentists make the Hollywood Smile with porcelain veneers, which means that they might have to remove part of your enamel. Most people don’t like this because it means that the treatment is irreversible. So you won’t have the choice to remove them whenever you want if you don’t feel comfortable with them.But with prepless porcelain veneers, reversible Hollywood smile is possible.

One of the main disadvantages of Hollywood Smile that it is very expensive. But, as we told you before, you can pay 70% less of the regular price if you get this treatment done in Turkey. You’ll get a high-quality treatment for a lot less than usual.

Should I follow a specific routine after I get my Hollywood Smile?

Think of your veneers as if they were your normal teeth. They need cleaning, care, and hygiene. It is not common that your Hollywood Smile teeth get stained but the edges that meet the tooth might do. So, in general, try to avoid food that can cause a stain.

Get away from hard materials! That meaning caramel, lollipops or anything that could break your veneers. We’re not saying that you won’t eat your favorite candy anymore. But you can avoid chewing them, so that way you prevent any veneer to break.

Does the Hollywood Smile Rreatment Hurt?

This is a very commonly asked question by many patients and, in fact, it is a painless treatment. Yet, some patients claim to feel some kind of discomfort when they’re getting their teeth prepared to apply the veneers. At the moment that the dentist removes part of the enamel, he or she must use a little tool to trim the surface. And this is the moment that patients might refer to as discomfort.

Getting Hollywood Smile in Istanbul / Turkey

Hollywood Smile treatment is a cosmetic treatment that shows excellent results. And that is why it’s celebrities' favorite cosmetic treatment. It isn’t a painful treatment, but it surely is more expensive than others. But, you’ll always have the choice to make dental tourism for a week in Turkey, then you will go back to home with your Hollywood smile.