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Porcelain Veneers are the way get your smile to celebrity level. Naturally, beautifully and affordably.

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Your smile reflects you. Now, you can decide how you will smile! Naturally, beautifully and affordably.

Requires 5-7 days, so you can completely change your smile with a one week holiday in Istanbul, Turkey

Getting Veneers in Turkey

what is porcelain veneer

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

what are veneersVeneers are very thin porcelains that are made of ceramics which is very close to tooth color and structure in terms of material. Veneers are used mostly by covering teeth for aesthetic purposes. Veneers are not crowns, they are just very thin porcelains which is sticked to in front of your natural teeth. Therefore veneers does not effect your dental health in terms of teeth functionality rather they changes how your teeth look like from the front or side view.

When Veneers Used?

Veneers for Front teeth gaps (or Diastema in dental terminology)

Veneers are best option to close the gaps, spaces between front teeth with a natural finish. Literally, two bigger or wider veneers are sticked to your front teeth to cover the gaps from the front view of your teeth. From the back, you will still use your own teeth as they were before veneers.

Color match is critic for front teeth

Another important point for veneers in front teeth is that, they are only applied to two front teeth, so they have to match your other teeth’ colors. In other words, if your teeth color are not a bright white, the newly added veneers should be in the same color to achieve perfect natural look in your new smile.

Cost of closing gaps with veneers

Only two veneers will be used to cover the two front teeth. So total costs will be twice of per tooth veneers cost. There are two types of veneers which have different pricing: Emax & Lumineers. Please check our pricing info for per tooth for both veneer alternatives.

No-prep Veneers for front teeth

Traditional veneers are used by making a 0.5mm thinning on the teeth before applying veneers. If you are skeptical about this 0.5mm preparation, you can think getting no-prep veneers which are applied without losing any enamels. Please consult with us whether no-prep veneers are appropriate for you or not.

Veneers for teeth that are only on upper jaw

When you close your mouth, have you notice that your teeth are closing as you see in pictures? Everybody has different closing, matching style for their upper and lower jaw. So, for some people getting veneers only for the upper jaw is basically covers the teeth that are seen most when they are smiling. So they can get cost effective way of changing their full smile with veneers.

Color selection is still critical

Even if you are covering most of the teeth that are on top jaw of your mouth, you still should take into consideration of other teeth to get final natural smile. Getting tooth whitening to open your teeth color one or two grade before getting veneers can be logical to get more whiter smile with your new veneers.

Cost of upper jaw veneers

It still depend on your jaw structure but for most people 8 veneers are used. In some cases, 6 veneers can be ok, or 10 veneers may be needed. You can consult us via sending your detailed upper jaw pictures to get pre consultations for number of veneers needed for your case. Proper final advice about number of veneers can be given on face-to-face check at my dental clinic as pictures can result wrong decisions in some cases.

Full Set of veneers to Change your smile completely, i.e. Smile Design or Hollywood Smile

This is most costly as both teeth that are located at upper and lower jaw will be covered by veneers. Usually 16 veneers used but in some cases number of veneers can change to 12 to 20. Full set of veneers will change your smile tremendously, so they are called also as Hollywood smile. So if you want to get your smile to upgraded to celebrity level, then full veneers option is the way to go.

How Veneers are Applied


You can contact us online for pre-evaluations but best suggestions are made when you visit our clinic, so we can see your natural smile, bone and teeth structure to make best suggestions.


If you are decided on veneers, then in your first visit, we use digital smile design system to design your new smile with you. It is very important to tell how you want your new smile in detailed way. Either only for two front teeth or full veneer, you will see the result before your veneers are actually made by our dental technicians.

Preparation of teeth and application of temporary veneers

If there is a need for preparation on your teeth which is actually between 0.5mm to 1mm, your teeth gets prepared to veneers. Preparation procedure does not need anesthesia as there will be no pain during this process. Then temporary veneers are applied to provide better look while your actual veneers will be prepared.

Application of Veneers

So preparation is done on your first visit, and after your new smile is decided on computer environment, your veneers will be ready to apply on your second visits after 6-8 days.

Prepless Veneers vs Standard Veneers

Standard veneers are the ones we have been referring to; They’re thin layers of translucent porcelain placed on the surface of the enamel. But have you ever heard the term no prep veneers? These have the same purpose as standard veneers. The difference is that prepless Veneers are a technique where the dentist doesn’t remove the enamel. They do this so the patient can reverse the treatment in the future if he or she wants.

Prepless veneers method is a good choice for people who don’t want to affect their enamel. It provides them the freedom to decide if they ever want to remove their veneers. They still look very natural but aren’t as resistant as standard porcelain veneers.

You may think that the prepless veneer's method is cheaper than standard veneers, but it’s not true. They usually cost almost the same: from $800 to $1200, it all depends on the clinics’ prices. You also have to considerate that prepless veneers won't cover stain as standard veneers.

What Are Lumineers (Lumineer Porcelain Veneers)?

Lumineers are a type of veneers where the laminates are a lot thinner than in regular porcelain veneers. Lumineers are 0.3mm while standard veneers are 0.5mm, which makes them significantly thicker. Lumineers were created as an alternative to regular veneers because people wanted to have a reversible treatment.

That’s why dentists use the prepless veneers method to apply the lumineers. The layers are thin, so the dentist won’t have to remove the surface of the enamel, so this is why the treatment is reversible.

People tend to confuse the terms prepless veneers and lumineers, and it’s understandable. But the difference between them is that prepless veneers are a method and lumineers are a type of veneers.

Why to get your veneers done in Turkey?

  • Turkey has European quality standards when it comes to techniques, professionals, and equipment.
  • Dentists get a specialization in their field, so they don’t only settle with their DDS degree. Most of them specialize in other fields like cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics or prosthodontics. So dentists graduates with 9 years of education where they get experience on their specialty education at university hospitals.
  • Low-cost. In Turkey, you can spend 70% less of the costs you’d spend in the U.S., the U.K. or Europe. This is great, considering that you’ll get a high-end result for a low price.

Porcelain Veneer Prices

Per tooth prices of veneers:

  • Emax/Empress Porcelain veneer €375
  • Lumineer Porcelain Veneers €450

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Aftercare of Veneers

We suggest not to eat or drink anything which makes colorization on teeth for two weeks after your veneers applied. Then there is no extra care needed, that means you should keep your teeth healthy by teeth brushing and other oral hygiene procedures which you normally do.