A Honest Smile or Not? Duchenne Smile!

A Honest Smile or Not? Duchenne Smile!

What is Duchenne Smile?

Speaking of smile, it is obvious that it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. There are different types of smiles and not every smile is counted as a happy one. However, often people consider smiles as a reaction to happiness. But a smile can be in different forms such as embarrassed smile, angry smile, fearful smile, and more. Different types of smiles show up in different instances. Apart from all these smiles, there’s a special smile that we’ll discuss today- Duchenne smile. Some of you might be hearing this term for the first time whereas some might know it already. Nevertheless, let’s discuss it in detail.

Study of Duchenne Smile

One can encounter distinct characteristics that are physically visible in Duchenne smile. However, psychologists have carried on studies on Duchenne smile for more than a century. This smile has become a fascinating factor for the researchers as well as for the public. Duchenne de Boulogne, the French neurologist was the reason for the term “Duchenne.” He also conducted researches on this smile relating to the science of electrophysiology.

As for the experiments carried out by the neurologist, two main facial muscles need to work together to create an honest smile. These muscles are zygomatic and orbicularis oculi.

  • Zygomatic muscle- these muscles turn the corners of the lips of a person who is smiling.
  • Orbicularis oculi muscle- these muscles contract while creating the distinctive wrinkles around the eyes.

So basically, a Duchenne smile means the true happiness reflecting in your expression. And it is proven by the above muscle movements.

Why is Duchenne smile treated so special?

If you analyze the Duchenne smile, you will realize that it is different in many ways to the non-Duchenne smile. The non-Duchenne smile doesn’t create the wrinkles near the corners of the eyes rather it creates only curves near the corner of the lips.

Moreover, Duchenne smile is categorized as a natural smile. Back then, researchers confirmed that it cannot be pretentious. Even though researches confirmed that it can’t be pretentious, now, the fact has become questionable. Therefore, the smile is again being researched and studied to find out whether it can be created and its benefits. Famous scientists are interested in finding whether the smile can be produced. Therefore, the whole concept of Duchenne smile is a fantastic one.

What are the psychologists’ goals for the study of Duchenne smile?

Psychological researchers are interested in studying in Duchenne smile for various reasons. Of course, it is interesting to learn about the smile but it’s not the ONLY reason to study it. The main thing about this smile is that both muscles and mind get connected to create it. When the psychologists learn it, they can find the connection between mind and body better.

However, Duchenne smile has a huge impact in the context of social recognition. The smile is an emotional indication. Hence, it’s an important section for the psychologists. So here are the reasons why they study it:

  • To get an understanding of the way brain processes expressions. 
  • To learn more about how a smile can affect others. 
  • To dig deeper into learning human emotion.
  • To understand child development and smile.
  • To gather the benefits of Duchenne smile.
  • To check whether the smile can be pretentious.

Wrapping up Duchenne Smile

As you’ve just learned, Duchenne smile is an interesting subject that you can keep learning. However, remember, smiling is a therapy, so try to smile more often.