Why Americans Smile So Much?

Why Americans Smile So Much?

Do you really need a reason to smile? Or does it happen because of your emotions? Say you are really happy, then, even without you realizing you’d be smiling. Likewise, different emotions deal with a person’s smile.

However, smiling and Americans correlate because Americans smile so much. Why do they smile so much? Normally, people who visit the USA say that they often bump into someone who smiles brightly. It is easy to find a lot of Americans walking around with a bright smile. Well, this might be a common thing in the USA but not in some countries where smiling at strangers is considered awkward. If you read this post, you will be able to get through the awkwardness because we’ll share some insights to understand their practice of smiling so much.

Insights on Americans’ smile

Some of the insights below might sound absurd, yet you will be able to understand the reasons behind Americans' smile. It is a known fact that Americans are easy to identify wherever they are in the world. Apart from all the other regular things like fanny packs and baseball caps, a wide smile is a significant factor to spot Americans.

When Americans are in other countries they are asked to reduce the way they smile to get along with the locals. The reason is in some countries smiling at strangers is considered weird even though it is a cool attitude in American. For example, countries like China and India don’t smile at strangers and even if they do, it is frowned upon.

So, as for researches, it is stated that Americans smile so much because of their diversity. It is one of the countries with a higher rate of diversity; therefore, people smile at others even if they don’t know one another. It is considered as a kind gesture to accommodate one another. The United States has a higher rate of immigrants so people try to communicate nonverbally. For example, if you are unable to greet in a certain native language, you can just smile.

In countries with less diversity, smiling is not considered as a kind gesture. Instead, it is treated as if an insult or superiority issue. When Americans associate such nations, for example, Singaporeans, they tend to get offended by the smile flashed by Americans. All these can be æextremely tough for the ones who fly overseas to establish businesses.

If you visit stores in the USA you can witness how sellers are welcoming customers. They greet and inquire about their well-being. But this doesn’t happen in countries like China or India because it’s not their culture. This is why when American businesses are established in other countries, employees from the USA are trained to control their smile as customers mistake it for flirting.

Of course, smiling may not be great in many countries, but in the USA, it is respected and practiced. Also, smiling has a lot of positive impacts on the overall procedure.

Wrapping up

It is always better to know the cultures and differences in other countries. It will not only increase the knowledge, but also will safeguard you from embarrassment.