Preview Your New Smile Before Smile-Makeover by IvoSmile

Preview Your New Smile Before Smile-Makeover by IvoSmile

What is IvoSmile of Ivoclar Vivadent Company

This is an exciting innovation found by Ivoclar Vivadent Company for the betterment of patients. Ivoclar Vivadent company is looking forward to providing next-generation services to the patients and so the IvoSmile app has been launched. The app is wonderfully designed because it helps the professionals to know what exactly the patients want. Using the IvoSmile app it is easy to create a smile-makeover digital picture. This will help the patient to get an overall picture of the result of their treatment. Moreover, it makes things easier for professionals; they don’t have to spend hours explaining the outcome. Anyway, to learn more about this continue reading.

Augmented reality and dentistry

Different industries have taken heed from augmented reality (AI). Healthcare IT is fully equipped with AI. But then again, only recently, AI impacted dentistry positively. So the IvoSmile software was created for the patients. By using this, dental professionals will be able to find the outcome of the treatment. This can be done in the first appointment itself and it will be time-saving, too.

As the app will help the patients to get a real-time picture, they will be able to make a decision pretty easily. There is a bit complex procedure on how this works. Your overlaying teeth will be studied and offered with clear and better teeth placement.

You can also find the bleaching option because IvoSmile has that, too. Professionals can use this app to show the patients the level of whiteness that their teeth will get. By using this, you will be able to provide a 100% outcome instead of offering a 90% outcome. Also, patients can select their smiles by checking the outcome.

As the app provides videos and images, it must be easy for the patients to settle for a decision. You will be seeing before and after pictures of your smile. By doing this comparison, you can make a better choice. No external charges for pictures, time-consuming technique, or mock-ups needed because you have the IvonSmile app.

Get to know the app better

By now you know something about the IvoSmile app, but what exactly it is? Well, to know the app better, you can try the 30-day free trial with the basic knowledge we provided. This will help you learn better and understand the app better. So, some of the uses of IvoSmile are such as:

  • It can be used as a dental communication method.
  • Consulting can be made simpler using the software.
  • Easy to get into a conversation with the patient.
  • To maintain a conclusive dialogue among technician and dentist.
  • It is time-saving.
  • It simplifies complex treatments.
  • Avoiding complications in treatments, disagreements, or contracts.
  • Heading into innovative practices.
  • Offers free trial.

However, these are some of the uses of IvoSmiles that you need to know about. It is great to accommodate AI in the healthcare system, right?

Wrapping up

IvoSmile is a great app to help the patients to get their aesthetic smile as expected. This will not only help the patients but also dental professionals to make better outcomes and treatments.