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Defining All-on-4 dental implants

This is basically an alternative procedure for the traditional dentures. Your dentures will be put on 4 implants to make them permanent to your jaw bone.  The prosthetic teeth will be fixed to the four dental implants through surgery. All-On-Four implants will be screwed into your jawbone to replace the natural tooth root. After fixing the implants accurately, the porcelain prosthetic or acrylic teeth will be screwed by the dentists. These teeth are called crowns.

When compared to the traditional implants, the All on 4 implants don’t require different screws to attach the teeth. Instead, the upper or lower section of the teeth can be attached to the 4 screws. Also, you can’t remove the All on 4 implants like the traditional one.

So, when do you need All on 4 implants as suggested by dentists? Here are some of the reasons:

If you want to consider this, you need to make sure that you have a strong jaw bone that supports the surgery.

Issues with All on 4 implants that you need to be aware of

After the surgery, you’d have to undergo recovery procedures. During or after these procedures, you might encounter certain issues. Hence, it is better to be updated with the information.

It is an obvious fact that mot surgeries deal with complications. Similarly, even after All on 4 implants surgery, you will come across complications. Some of the complications are such as poor healing, infection, and heavy bleeding. Of course, the dentist will try his/her best to do everything possible to avoid complications. But sometimes, these issues can happen. Therefore, it is better to be attentive and report to your dentist at your earliest.

It is seldom that you come across failed implants, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. Most dental implants show a higher rate of success. So, if there are any failed cases, the dentist will do the needful to replace it perfectly. However, failed implants don’t just occur, and rather it is mostly because of gum disease. Thus, you have to take good care of your gum and implants to avoid failures.

There are instances when your bone will not cope with the implants. Factors that create such instances are quality of bone density, nutrition, and more. If your bone doesn’t cope with a certain implant, the dentist will rework on it after letting the wounded area heal. And then, the dentist will try to add a new implant.

When handling All on 4 implants, there are issues and complications that dentist faces. Not all surgeries happen as planned, so you need to be ready to handle the issues and complications during the surgery. Plus, it is vigilant to know the information related to All on 4 implants.