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Before You Leave

You might think that travelling to Turkey/Istanbul for having dental treatments or cosmetic dentistry is complicated and involves a lot of hassle. The reality is that if you decide on having your treatment in Turkey/Istanbul you will not only save money but a lot of time and energy, too.

It might take weeks to get an appointment in the UK. Often, a couple of weeks can pass between your first consultation and the first treatment. If your dentist or his technicians are surfeit, you might end up waiting several weeks not only for more complicated treatments but even for the simpler ones. Treatments can even last for 6-12 months.

You can contact us over the phone or via e-mail. We write down all your details and requirements and within 24 hours get back to you with an estimate, the closest available appointment times.

If you prefer to discuss your requirements with our dentist, we will arrange a free consultation for you in our dental surgery in Budapest. This would only take a one day visit. You could return the same day to the UK, without having to book accommodation in Budapest. Our driver would pick you up from the Budapest airport, take you to the surgery and drive you back to the airport so you could still catch your same day flight. For further details on the free consultation offer, please click here.

You can send us your panoramic X-ray or/and fill in our dental check list. Our team will get back to you with a comprehensive quote within 24 hours. We will contact you immediately and provide you with detailed information on the schedule of the necessary dental work and the estimated costs.


1-Are you currently suffering from any type of infection? YesNo

2-Are you currently receiving treatment from a doctor? YesNo

3-Do you have kidney disease? YesNo

4-Do you have liver disease? YesNo

5-Have you ever suffered from jaundlice or hepatitis? YesNo

6-Are you suffering from any type of respiratory problem? YesNo

7-Do you have persistent cough? YesNo

8-Do you have any type of thyroid disease such as goitre? YesNo

9-Do you suffer from HIV/AIDS? YesNo

10-Have you had excessive or prolonged bleeding following a cut,

tooth extraction or other injury? YesNo

11-Do you have high blood pressure? YesNo

12-Do you have sinusitis? YesNo

13-Are you pregnant or nursing at the present time? YesNo

14-Is there anybody who has diabetes, high blood pressure or heart discase in your family? YesNo

15-Have you had any serious illness? YesNo

16-Are you currently taking any drugs or medications

(such as antibiotics, blood thinners, cortisone, tranquilizers or heart medicine)? YesNo

17-Do you smoke? YesNo

18-Do you drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week (if you are female) or more than 21 units (if you are male)?

(1 unit = 1 small glass of wine or ½ pint of beer.) YesNo

19-Do you have any medical conditions not listed above which may affect your treatment? YesNo